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June 8, 2004

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Pedro, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pedro
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Appendix Quarter horse
Home: New Berlin, New York, USA
   This is Pedro, A.K.A the "cookie monster," his name tells it all! He is a Appendix Quarter horse mixed and lives in the Chocolate Horse Stables in New Berlin, New York. Aside from is regulation two flakes of hay in the morning evening and night, he loves to chomp on carrots, apples and horse treats. Pedro's fourteen-year-old "human mom" makes sure he gets lots of attention whenever possible, often riding him like a old western cowgirl up and down the hills behind the stable. Pedro thinks he is supposed to run away when people try to catch him out in the field ... that's his favorite game along with follow the leader for a cookie. Pedro gets lots of love from the whole family, and we are so glad this adorable Horse came into our family!

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