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June 1, 2004

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Pakito, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pakito
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peachfront Conure
Home: Reston, Virginia, USA
   Pakito is special. He has an attitude all of his own. He is quite a character, he loves to talk and chatter all day. He says; "Hello, Hi, Bye, I Love You, Sharon (my name), Ohhhh, Uh-Ohh, What, and Nite Nite." He can be noisy, but is not as loud as some of the other conures. He loves his bath and will get down in the sink and flip on his back under the water faucet. Pakito will bite if aggravated or provoked. He loves shoulder rides but it has taken me three months to be able to pet his tail feathers. I am slowly working with him to accept petting. He is a bird I adopted from a lady who had a baby and he got jealous of the baby because he was not receiving enough attention. He gets tons of it here and we do not have any problems. He loves to go on car rides and out on walks with me, where he gets plenty of attention.

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