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July 25, 2004

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Lucky, Scooter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lucky, Scooter
Age: Three,
Two years eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   I'd like to introduce my two ferrets, Lucky and Scooter. Lucky is the ferret on top, and Scooter is on the bottom. These two little fuzzies are the greatest pets I could ever ask for. They have such great personalities, and they love to play. They love running around in their tube, and they love to wrestle. Lucky and Scooter each have their own personalities, but they both love people. Lucky is the calmer of the two, always wanting to be held. Scooter is always on the go, and she is a mischief maker.

    Recently, Scooter had an adrenal tumor. Luckily, we caught it early and it was benign. She is having a great recovery. Ferrets are great animals. However, please do research before you get a fuzzy because they require a lot of care. But, in return you get rewarded with a tremendous amount of love. For me, it's worth every bit!

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