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July 20, 2004

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Leonard, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leonard
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English, Dutch mix
Home: Perth, Scotland, UK
   This is Leonard and he is an absolutely adorable rabbit! He lives in a large hutch in the house and comes out for a play every day - this always involves a lot of running and hopping, and 'chinning' - where he scents various household objects in an effort to claim them for himself. He likes nothing more than being stroked and groomed, and when he is done with that he will say thank you by giving you a big lick. He is, however, rather particular about his foods - his favorite foods are freshly shelled peas and parsley. He loves parsley.

    He is a very affectionate rabbit and always pleased to see us - although he's a bit nervous around strangers at first. We love Leonard an awful lot as he is so much fun to watch and he is like our baby. He had an accident last year where he banged his head. He suffered from epilepsy for a while after that, but seems fine now. This makes him even more special to us as he we were scared that he would die. He is so lovely and cuddly. He is, quite simply, superb.

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