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July 16, 2004

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Bud, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bud
Age: One year three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Giant Green Iguana
Home: Modesto, California, USA
   We have had Bud since he hatched from an egg. Being born in our hands really made him more tame from the get go. From birth we had him in a 55 gallon tank, and then when he was big enough we started letting him free roam. Now he has his own corner in the kitchen with a tree, ropes and vines, three basking lights and two heat lamps.

    We have seen Bud grow very rapidly in just one year. To our surprise, he has already grown to be just over three feet in length, with an annual shed at least once a month. We try to give him as varied a diet as possible, including collards, chards, mustards, kales, and other greens, fruits such as all kinds of melons, strawberries and grapes. His all time favorite vegetable is carrot, and he has to eat it every day! We really have to contribute a lot of his growth to the tofu he ate once a month. It's packed with soy protein.

    He love all his routines, even getting up and taking a shower with daddy every morning and he loves being dried off with a towel. We love him and hope to have him at least another 20 years.

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