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July 14, 2004

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Coco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Coco
Age: Four and a half yeas old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chocolate Guinea Pig
Home: Leeds, England, UK
   I think that my Guinea Pig Coco is special because she became poorly on Saturday and she was very good at the vets! (Luckily she is fine now). She has such a wonderful character and she always makes me laugh.

    She loves to run around on the floor and have a nosy at my things! She also likes to run down the lawn with me just like a little puppy! She adores grass, and whenever she hears the door or bathroom window open or close she starts squeaking for grass, she even squeaks for vegetables on each morning! I always have her with me, and I'm sure we both love the company. Whatever I'm doing, she loves to get laid out on my lap.

    I also think she is amusing because she seems to have different moods! The first is where she's just wanting to run around and have a nosy at everything, another is where she just wants to get comfy on your lap. Another is where she's really tired and if she gets laid out on your lap and you need to move her, she starts squirming and stamping on your hand with her back leg!!!

    I love you to bits Coco!

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