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July 5, 2004

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Dusty, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dusty
Age: 25 weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cashmere Lop Rabbit
Home: Sydney, Australia
   This is my very special little bunny, Dusty. My mum bought her for me as an Easter present this year. She was the smallest little bundle of joy, being only six weeks old. You were able to carry her in one hand. That's how small she was. Many people occur to her as a beaver in this photo. Come to think of it, she does look like one. But that doesn't stop her from being the cutest rabbit in the world to me.

    Dusty lives in an indoor hutch but she is let out of her hutch every day and spends her whole day in our house until bed time. She is fully litter trained so she can go anywhere she likes. Dusty is a very curious bunny and there's not one corner in the house that she hasn't sniffed. Sometimes I sleep with her in my bed all night long...

    Dusty is a strange bunny because unlike most rabbits, she eats meat. We don't let her have meat every day, because we're not sure if it's good for her. She will also eat anything starting from cheese, pizza, anything we have for lunch, gummi lollies, snacks, hot chips, and many other things. Now that's weird for a bunny to eat. But she loves her greens and fruit. But one thing she hates is carrots. My friend's rabbits hate carrots and many other rabbits hate them as well. So I have no idea where people got the idea 'rabbits love carrots' from.

    I usually take Dusty for a walk in the park on her leash. Everyone is surprised to see a rabbit being walked on a leash in the park. But it has become quiet normal for me. I usually let her out loose and not once has she tried to run away. She gets her "flips" and does them on the grass. They look so cute. She always munches away on the lush grass in the park then flops down for a rest. When it's time to go home, I just call her name and she comes to me so I can put the leash back on her.

    I love my wonderful little bunny, Dusty, and I hope we live a long and healthy life together as long as this darling lives.

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