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July 2, 2004

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Carmen, the Pet of the Day
Name: Carmen
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Iguana
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Carmen Iguana is a rescued 43" long lizard. Carmen was rescued the day before Christmas 2003 from a young couple who didn't have a clue how to care for a large, lovely lizard. She was fed only celery and iceberg lettuce, had an ice cold wire cage, and no sunshine. I was also clueless about proper iguana care, but had an un-occupied 125 gallon aquarium and set it up with tips from some great iguana sites on the internet. She is a very affectionate lizard who loves being petted! She will close her eyes and lean into your hand when you pet her, much like a dog.

    Carmen is a smart girl too. She knows how to get out of her tank when the mood strikes her. I was too slow getting her breakfast a week ago, and Carmen got out of her tank and came into the kitchen and gave me a look. I prepared her favorite fruits and greens and by the time all was ready the girl was back in her tank again! I have a complete hood over the tank, but she knows just where to climb to freedom! Her long tail provides endless fascination for the kitties here, but Carmen will whip it at them if they start pawing at it. She was supposed to be a foster lizard ... but I fell in love with her endearing personality!

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