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January 31, 2004

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Sweetie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweetie
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gold-capped Conure
Home: Yorktown, Virginia, USA
   Sweetie was born August 2002 and I got him in October - we bonded immediately. He's six months old in this picture. He loves to be loved and always heads straight for the lips to give his little "french kiss" and then love pecks all over your face and around your eyelids. Peek-a-boo is one of his favorite games and he immediately burrows deeper down into his special blanket - only to poke his head out a few moments later. If its later in the evening when you're playing the game, he has been known to fall over on his side and drop off to sleep. He loves to lay on his back and have his belly rubbed. Sometimes he does a little weight training and lifts his barbell while laying on his back. While in his cage, you find his snuggling and sleeping up against his reindeer hand puppet. Sweetie makes a great home security system - whenever anyone pulls up in the driveway, walks down the street, or comes through the door he squawks. He also does his screeches when he wants attention - I guess he is training us well. He is gentle with all and flutters and screeches for attention. We think he is trying to mimic some sounds and hopefully he will become a little verbal.

    Whoever coined the phrase "eats like a bird" referring to how little ones eat - is definitely not referring to our Sweetie who is a chow hound... ooops chow bird. Besides his regular Conure diet of specialty seeds and fruits, broccoli and apple seem to be his favorite snacks, but he gobbles scrambled eggs, toast, salad, beets, chips, cheese doodles, and crackers too.

    Sweetie just loves a bath and showers. It's hard to keep his water bowl filled. He loves his sink showers and then being fluffed in a towel or blanket - he really is a "Sweetie" loving to kiss, cuddle and snuggle. He is learning to dance too as we watch him bobbing his head and swaying to the stereo. All-in-all a wonderful pet. And each day he seems to do or learn something new.

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