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January 19, 2004

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Sam, Nala, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sam, Nala
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Parakeet
Home: North Carolina, USA
   Sam and Nala are parakeets. They are rather silly birds! Sam (the blue bird), likes to look at himself in the mirror all day, while Nala (green), tries to get his attention. They both love to 'sing.' They don't know any songs yet, but they can still make music!

    Nala doesn't mind being held, she's rather nice. But Sam, on the other wing, is the independent type. He'll bite, and run away. You gotta love them, still! We got Nala, after Keeta, the parakeet, passed away. I have no idea why we named her Nala, but it seems to fit, in a weird birdish kinda way. We got Sam as a friend for lonely Nala. Sam was the only name that our older sister would let us name him.

   Here is a little poem by Sam:
   The Nala-Sam poem

   Tweet! Tweet!
   Aren't we sweet?
   little fellows!
   We are birdies,
   Not just any birdies,
   But Some

   One Kinda yellow,
   It is true,
   I am blue!
   But that
   Doesn't matter,

   Just as long as
   No Cat comes 'round,
   And tries
   to make
   Himself fatter!

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