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January 12, 2004

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Déja, the Pet of the Day
Name: Déja
Age: Three and a half months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hamster
Home: California, USA
   Déja is a very special little girl. I got her on March 29th, 2003, from a hamster breeder. Déja was born on Valentine's Day! She is a very hyper and active girl. She loves to go on little adventures. She also enjoys sitting with me while I am on the computer. She is a very sweet little fuzz ball! Déja is a sassy and independent hamster! She likes to have things her way. But every so often, she will be sweet and cuddly. She likes to be scratched on her neck like a dog.

    Sometimes, when she is asleep, I will take the lid off of her tank and dangle a treat in with my fingers. She will come out and stand up waiting for the treat to be given to her. She loves to explore. She is an adventurous little girl who is always up to something. If there is something she wants to do, she will do it, and I can't stop her! She also tries to get out of her cage every night by climbing up on her water bottle and lifting her aquarium screen cover up with her nose. All you hear is this loud "bang bang bang" as she lifts the lid and then it falls... and she repeatedly continues to do that!

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