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January 11, 2004

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Margalo and Tim, the Pet of the Day
Name: Margalo, Tim
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Budgies
Home: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
   I am the owner of two wonderful Birds! They are Tim (Blue) and Margalo (Yellow). We took Tim to the vet because we thought Tim had scaly-faced mites. He did, but the vet also felt a large mass in his abdomen. So he took and x-ray thinking that it mights be and egg and Tim might be a funny looking female. But then when the x-ray came, he thought it was a tumor. He said Tim didn't have very long to live, but he wanted to be sure, so he sent it to an aviary specialist across the Internet.

    Ihat night Tim was very sick. We don't know why it happened, or what was wrong with him. But we are so glad he is healthy again! One Friday night after supper, I came over to the birds cage to find Tim on the ground, with his head down, and his eyes shut. When I said his name, he opened his eyes, but still didn't move. So I laid with him for a few minutes and then I got a blanket, put him in it, and then he sat on my lap. I stayed with him all night long. I even slept upstairs so i could be with him. My parents were saying how he probably wouldn't last the night, but I still kept hope of him coming back.

    When I would check to make sure he was still breathing I had to watch him for a few minutes to see the slightest movement of feathers. He never opened his eyes, nothing. Then on Saturday night, he started stumbling around, but he still kept his eyes shut, and he couldn't life his head, so when he'd move, he'd just roll up into a ball, because his head was still tucked underneath him. So I would help move him around a bit. Then the stumbling stopped, and the breathing got even worse, you would have to stare for like five minutes to see if he was breathing. So again, I slept with him by my side, then Sunday morning, I woke up to the sound of a small tweeting sound, so I looked in the box I had kept Tim in over night, and it was TIM! He had opened his eyes (which he hadn't done all weekend!), so I went running into my parents' bedroom and told them. We put millet under his beak, because he still couldn't lift his head, and he started to eat. Then we would his beak in a container of water, and he started to drink. He slowly got better and better! He is now doing great! He is healthy as can be, and happier than ever!

    While Tim was sick, Margalo seemed very lonely. She kept singing for him, and doing this one tweet that they always do when they are apart. Usually first one then the other one does it, and they find each other. She did that by herself for the longest time. Then that Sunday morning, she did it once a very soft one, and Tim perked up and he chirped back very loudly! and then Margalo did the same! They did that for a few minutes, very loudly! Whee! She never gave up hope... and neither did I. Now Tim is healthy as can be and they are both happy, and I am too!

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