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January 4, 2004

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Tu-ki, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tu-ki
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Cheeked Conure
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   My name is Tu-ki. My mom and dad found me in a "not so good" pet store about five years ago. I had a terrible start in life. My lower mandible (beak) was torn off by a big macaw when I was being shipped to the pet store from the aviary where I was hatched. I was only a few weeks old. The dummies put me in a carrier with birds way bigger than me. Was I scared!! It really hurt too. I thought I was not going to find a new home or that no one would want me because I looked so different. Because I could not eat properly I was really very underweight and my health was not great. The day mom found me I guess I must have looked very scared because she wanted to hold me.

    It was love at first sight. She did not care if I looked different. It felt good having my feathers stroked and my head scratched. I came home with her and she took me to an avian vet. I'm really healthy now. I'm eating great too. Mom bakes and cooks and chops for me. I talk almost as well as a real kid. Mom's says I'm a child hiding in a green feathered suit. I now have a 'sister' who is a Half Moon Conure. She came to live with us last year. If you see a bird or any other pet that might look a little 'funny,' don't pass us by. We're really very special and will give you lots of love and kisses and make your life very rewarding.

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