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Tarzan the Solomon Island Eclectus Tarzan
Solomon Island Eclectus
Reno, Nevada, USA
January 01, 2004

Ringo the Purebred Dwarf Rabbit Ringo
Purebred Dwarf Rabbit
Florida, USA
January 02, 2004

Hank the Guinea Pig Hank
Guinea Pig
Bel Air, Maryland, USA
January 03, 2004

Tuki the Green Cheeked Conure Tuki
Green Cheeked Conure
Pennsylvania, USA
January 04, 2004

Trulsan the Black roan rat Trulsan
Black roan rat
Stockholm, Sweden
January 05, 2004

Cinnabun the Holland Lop Cinnabun
Holland Lop
Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada
January 06, 2004

Bink E the Solomon Island Eclectus Bink E
Solomon Island Eclectus
San Francisco, California, USA
January 07, 2004

Thai the Common Marmoset Monkey Thai
Common Marmoset Monkey
Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
January 08, 2004

Bob the Albino Ornate Horned Frog Bob
Albino Ornate Horned Frog
Beavercreek, Ohio, USA
January 09, 2004

Glow the Golden Syrian Hamster Glow
Golden Syrian Hamster
January 10, 2004

Margalo, Tim the Budgies Margalo, Tim
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
January 11, 2004

Déja the Hamster Déja
California, USA
January 12, 2004

Fudge the Dwarf Lop Rabbit Fudge
Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Cambridge, England
January 13, 2004

Rosie Ironada the Dutch Warmblood horse Rosie Ironada
Dutch Warmblood horse
Udim, Israel
January 14, 2004

Tom Tom the Quaker Parrot Tom Tom
Quaker Parrot
Buenos Aires, Argentina
January 15, 2004

Charlie the American Saddlebred Horse Charlie
American Saddlebred Horse
West Virginia, USA
January 16, 2004

Mr. Joy the Old English Bantam Mr. Joy
Old English Bantam
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
January 17, 2004

Ib Jr. the Syrian Hamster Ib Jr.
Syrian Hamster
Chicago, Illinois, USA
January 18, 2004

Sam, Nala the Parakeet Sam, Nala
North Carolina, USA
January 19, 2004

Bootsie the Rabbit Bootsie
Vermont, USA
January 20, 2004

Dale Puff the Ferret Dale Puff
Detroit, Michigan, USA
January 21, 2004

Tweety the Cockatiel Tweety
Fairfield, California, USA
January 22, 2004

Pearl the Arabian cross horse Pearl
Arabian cross horse
Mahwah, New Jersey, USA
January 23, 2004

Zoe the Berkshire rat Zoe
Berkshire rat
New York, USA
January 24, 2004

Baby the Rabbit Baby
Illinois, USA
January 25, 2004

G.G. the Grey Cockatiel G.G.
Grey Cockatiel
Alberta, Canada
January 26, 2004

Koa the Green Iguana Koa
Green Iguana
San Diego, California, USA
January 27, 2004

Dovey the Fancy Rat Dovey
Fancy Rat
Southern California, USA
January 28, 2004

Spenser the Peachface Lovebird Spenser
Peachface Lovebird
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
January 29, 2004

V jai the Standard Chinchilla V jai
Standard Chinchilla
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
January 30, 2004

Sweetie the Gold capped Conure Sweetie
Gold capped Conure
Yorktown, Virginia, USA
January 31, 2004

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