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February 27, 2004

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Kayoium Might, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kayoium Might
Age: Seventeen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Arabian Stallion
Home: Tampa, Florida, USA
   This is my wonderful Arabian stallion Kaiyoum Might! Kaiyoum and I love hanging out with each other. We go riding down the trail together like two peas in a pod! We enjoy showing in Halter, English and Jumping at the local Arabian club shows. (He just loves to show off.!) We also compete in 25 mile Competitive Trail rides together. For a stallion, he is very well-behaved and always a gentleman. He loves little children and will let them hug all over him. He even takes them on pony rides! We love Kaiyoum and he is a big part of our family. We have close bond that nobody understands but us. Kaiyoum got me through some rough times as a teenager, when nobody was there to talk to, he was, nickering to me for comfort, letting me know it was gonna be alright and he still loved me. He is very special to me and nothing could ever replace his spot in my heart. Together forever, you and I.

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