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February 19, 2004

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Saffron, the Pet of the Day
Name: Saffron
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sugar glider
Home: Brighton, England, UK
   Hey, my name is Saffron! I'm a female sugar glider, and I crawled out of my mum's pouch on April 7th, 2003, after spending a long three months in there after being born. We're marsupials, you see, and come from places like Indonesia and Australia. Right now, though, I'm living with my owner in the South of the UK, near Brighton.

    Aren't I cute? Although I may look adorable, I'm definitely not an easy pet to care for! To keep me friendly and trusting, I demand a good few hours out of every evening, plus I need my diet nice and varied! My owner feeds me BML, which is an American-researched diet that's been used for years! I also get a wide selection of fruits and veggies and mealworms, and if I'm lucky I might get some natural yogurt or a bit of gliderade too! In the wild, I'd gobble up saps, nectars, birds eggs, baby chicks and small rodents, and lots and lots of insects! I'd also live in a large colony of up to fifteen gliders, and we'd all guard a big tree from everything, especially other colonies and predators.

    We're called sugar gliders because we love sweet things... plus we can glide, as you can see! I like to make it difficult to get these sort of shots, but I think my owner has me worked out now! I live in a huge cage that's five feet tall, two feet wide and four feet deep, and it's full of lots of toys and fun things to keep me entertained at night. I especially love feathers, but my owner only lets me place with these whilst I'm outside, in case I choke on it.

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