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February 5, 2004

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Spice, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spice
Age: One year seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Broken Blue Mini-Rex Rabbit
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   Spice is a very special bunny. She was born March 31st 2002 which was Easter 2002. I got Spice when she was four weeks old, on April 27th, 2002. When I went to visit Spice when she was two weeks old I looked at her four brothers and sisters and I knew she was the one, I looked at her and my heart melted. I didn't know how special this bunny was until I brought her home, there was an instant bond, she sat on my lap and kissed my hands. Ever since then we've been inseparable, when I bring her in the house she sits on my lap and when she gets scared she'll run to me and huddle under my arm. When I leave the room for a few seconds Spice will look around for me frantically, my family says they've never seen a bunny love a human as much as Spice loves me. I love her the same as she loves me.

    I can tell Spice anything, even if she could talk she would never tell anyone. Spice is my special rabbit and she will always be my favorite, the best of the best! Spice is very soft and cuddly and is very nice to me. She would never bite anyone and she always makes little noises like she is trying to talk. She is a great mother bunny. She had two litters of babies before. She will have a third litter soon. Spice enjoys laying on my lap and watching TV with me. Her favorite show is Fear Factor. Spice is a very special rabbit.

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