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February 1, 2004

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Phoebe, the Pet of the Day
Name: Phoebe
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   When my Guinea Pig Minky died, there was a missing piece in my life (and my piggie cages!). My girls Lucy and Hillary were missing Minky so much and I felt that it was time to introduce a new character into the herd. The trip to LaoTzu stud was the most memorable trip so far. My dad and I drove half an hour to reach my new baby pigger. She was four and a half weeks old when I brought her home and introduced her to her new family. Shy and skittish, my little Phoebe worked her way into our herd and fits in just right! Even though little Minky can never be replaced, nobody could ask for a better piggie than Phoebe!

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