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December 30, 2004

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Simon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Simon
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ruby-Eyed Himalayan Rat
Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
   Simon, and his brother, Stormy, came home from a local pet store one day to become best friends with my older rat, Sylvester. Upon the sudden death of Sylvester, Simon and Stormy were most distressed, though they used their big rattie hearts to comfort their owner and each other during this trying time. Simon always had a sort of lovable personality, and has never hesitated to give kisses to whoever is offering treats and a back rub. He especially likes having is head scratched, and shows his enjoyment by chattering his front teeth for hours at a time. His favorite foods are most certainly corn pops and cake, though he'll never turn down a scrumptious feast of any kind... often stuffing himself 'till he can eat no more! Whenever he hears his name, he comes prancing over with a big rattie grin, hoping to grab a quick bit to eat, or maybe a fun game of "Toss the Rat" always carefully on to a soft pillow. Simon is my favorite buddy to hang with, and anybody that meets him is sure to have their heart warmed by his love for all! He is only six months old, and I hope to spend many more years with my favorite rattus, and his shy (but also affectionate) brother!

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