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December 29, 2004

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Drew, the Pet of the Day
Name: Drew
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Show Horse
Home: Jupiter, Florida, USA
   Who is the first horse to greet you when you come into the barn? It's certainly Drew, and he has to be the center of attention.

    Drew is such a special boy. I got him for my 10th birthday and he was barely four years old at the time. We have come a long way and we share a special bond. He is extremely smart and loves people. He knows how cute he is! Curiosity is his middle name (LOL) and he has to examine everything and get his nose right in it.

    He knows thirteen different tricks and one of his favorite tricks is to shake your hand. Some of his tricks include: Yes, No, Rollover, Shake, Bow, One, One+One, Pawing, Giving Kisses, Taking off your gloves, Retrieving, Opening gates, and Holding things. Drew can learn a new trick with in five minutes, very impressive, huh? Being stubborn is one of his favorite things to do, it is his way of playing. Bath time is something that he doesn't enjoy and he swears that the bubbles are going to eat him! Drew is quite a character and we love each other and always will!

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