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December 27, 2004

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Azteck, the Pet of the Day
Name: Azteck
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sugar Glider
Home: USA
   Howdy mate, my name is Azteck and I am a sugar glider. I am one in ten of the sugar gliders my mommy has. She takes very good care of me, she says I am the only one that loves having my neck scratched, ever since I was born. My family had to bottle feed me, till I was old enough to eat myself. They take me everywhere to the flea market, mall, school, everywhere! I love my mommy, she knows exactly what foods I like and dislike. I am originally from Australia - well at least my ancestors were. I love gliding everywhere it is so much fun. And my mom just recently got me a new playmate that I live with whose name is Pikachu. My other friends live in different cages but there my friends. Let's see, there is Gizmo, Kayla, Kirby, Petrye, Dabby, Java, my buddy Pikachu and the two twins that are still in the pouch but there due in about a week.

    My buddies and I always talk at night and we make a "barking" sound that is familiar to a puppy bark. When I am very good I get a yogurt treat and a cricket, which has protein in it. I am allergic to watermelon, chocolate, alcohol, red meats and salted peanuts. But I make sure I stay away from that. Even though we don't need very big cages, my mom makes sure that my dad builds the biggest one possible for us to have fun in and be able to glide everywhere. You might be wondering why she has so many of them, well it's because my mom's child saw one at a theme park (in the nursery) and she decided to do research then she showed my mom the picture and the family fell in love and they got one, and one was just not enough so they ended up getting all of us (me being 4th). Well thanks for taking the time to read about me, now I am going to go glide with my pal Pikachu.

      Love always,

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