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December 26, 2004

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Luke, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luke
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: USA
   Hello! My name is Luke. I am a very special Cockatiel because I was a lost bird, very sad and lonely. Until, one day I flew into the back yard of a very loving Family who took me in as their Pet. We all love each other. I love my Mommy and Daddy. I have the best human parents. They take care of me so well, with much good food like: corn, broccoli, wheat toast, crackers, waffles, apples, pears and carrots. They also give me showers as much as possible, we go outside in my cage and Mommy spray me with a water bottle. I love it so much I spread my pretty wings and hang upside down.

    It's so much fun at our house! I whistle songs to Mommy and Daddy and they join in and sing along with me. I am very happy they took me into their lives and their home. Without them I'm not sure if any of us would be as happy as we all are. Life is so great and joyful that I am a rescued Pet.

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