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December 23, 2004

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Oliver, the Pet of the Day
Name: Oliver
Age: Two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Orange-Faced Lovebird
Home: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
   This is Oliver. He has been with us from the time he was just two weeks old. He got his name because he likes to climb "all over" = Oliver. He came from a nursing home, where they has a pair of breeders that they didn't have time to care for, so we raised the babies and Oliver stayed with us. We thought that we might loose him when we got him because he was so small, but he made it and is healthy as anything now!

    And, as you can see, Oliver is growing - he's not so little any more - almost as tall as the buildings in the Christmas village! He is a cheery, silly bird, and wishes you all happy holidays!

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