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December 22, 2004

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Pistashio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pistashio
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mallard Duck
Home: Nevada, USA
   Hello, my name is Pistashio. I'm a very spoiled and pampered duck! My mommy and daddy love me to death. My favorite food is lettuce, and the color I enjoy seeing the most is purple. Even though I'm a mallard, that doesn't mean I'm not tame! I'm very sweet and social. In fact I spend a few hours a day snuggling with my parents, and sitting with them. I love to give out little ducky kisses, too!

    I'm an indoor duck and I wear a diaper. Don't all ducks? When my mommy and daddy aren't at the house, I stay in a biiig playpen with lots of toys to keep me occupied and happy! Outside of my playpen, I have a collection of squeaky toys that I get to do whatever I want with. The bin they are kept in is overflowing because I have so many!

    The red thing on my back is a bow-tie :) It's comfier wearing it this way than around my neck. Festive, don't you think? That fuzzy red thing on the floor is my heart-shaped squeaky toy, which I love.

    At night then I like to settle down in my little blue doggie bed and fall asleep by my mommy and daddys' heads on the pillow. In the morning I greet them by quacking and preening their hair. I love my parents so much, and they treat me so well. I couldn't be happier!

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