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December 15, 2004

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Curious Crimson, the Pet of the Day
Name: Curious Crimson
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jenday Conure
Home: Georgia, USA
   This is Crimson, I bought him at a local breeder. I am currently still hand-feeding Crimson and spoiling him with different kinds of baby food mixed in with his formula, he loves it. I chose this picture for one special reason. If you will notice the beautiful spread of his wings you can see how large they are next to his small body.

    One day I took him out of the cage and within seconds he had flown away, out of sight and nowhere to be found. With medium temperatures, a windy and rainy night I cried to no end. Just the thought of him being out there somewhere cold, wet, alone and most of all hungry. Just a baby. Curious Crimson returned to me 20 hours later. By the next morning he was outside my back yard up in the tree. After calling his name for about ten minutes he flew straight into my arms, what a blessing! Curious Crimson now has his wings clipped on a regular basis, he has taught me a lesson I won't soon forget.

    Crimson has such a sweet personality. As other conures he will lay on his back in my hand, lap or will choose to do so on his own when sleeping in his bed. After a messy feeding I will bathe him and he will actually let me blow dry him. Crimson is a beautiful creature, one that I will cherish from this day on.

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