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December 11, 2004

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Knightly Logic, the Pet of the Day
Name: Knightly Logic
Age: 21 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thoroughbred
Home: New York, USA
   This is my mare, Knightly Logic. She is a 17-hand high registered Thoroughbred. She is a great granddaughter of Bold Ruler, who was the sire of Secretariat and Seattle Slew. But I didn't care about any of that ...I just fell in love.

    I had her "sister," PeeWee, a 10-hand Shetland since I was eight. I always wanted a horse, but wisely my parents said "when you grow up". So when I was 24 I got my first horse. It was worth the wait! I was boarding PeeWee at a stable and from the first day I saw Logic there I knew, one way or the other, she would be mine. Rather, I would be hers! I had a hard time scraping the money together, but the day before she was scheduled to be shipped to the Keenland auction in Kentucky, I went to the breeder and put a pile of money on the table. She was shocked because she didn't think I was serious when I said I wanted Logic. To everyone's surprise and dismay, I brought her home. She was a crazy four year old, highly skilled but a little nutso. I quickly learned that all she needed was love.

    She soon settled in and we started trail riding. She was more at home in the woods then anywhere. She loves to trail ride more then anything and she gets very bored and restless in the ring. Although we have been thru some hard times, we have always stuck together. Thru divorce, illness and financial problems I have never once considered selling her. (Even though I have had a couple of outrageous offers!)

    This spring she turned 21 and I turned 43. We plan to be together until we are both old and grey!

    Thank you Knightly, for being my sanity, my therapy, my girl that is always there for me when everything else goes wrong. You make me so happy and I am so very proud of you!

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