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August 31, 2004

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Sophie Nicole, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sophie Nicole
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Skunk
Home: Loveland, Ohio, USA
   My name is Sophie Nicole. My Mommy and Daddy drove to Iowa to pick me out when I was a baby. If that doesn't make me special, I can't imagine what does!! I weighed 12 ounces when I came to my new home. I now weigh seven pounds. I am trained to paper in a litter pan. I eat 90% veggies and 10% chicken & fish & fruit. We skunks make wonderful pets for those that have the time to give us lots of love from day one. And I've had lots of love! Living in this zoo home with me besides my mommy and daddy is Toby (small maltase/poodle mix), Lady (yellow retriever), and Caesar (cat). Who rules? Sophie Rules!! I even have my very own page on my mommy's web site. Check me out for some very cute pictures! Go to my page called "Queen Sophie" There you can see those that I rule, too! Just by seeing my pictures, you will adore me as much as my mommy does!

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