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August 28, 2004

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Pierre, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pierre
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pot-Bellied pig
Home: San Diego, California, USA
   My Pot-Bellied pig's name is Pierre, and he lives in San Diego, CA. Let me tell you a little about him. I bought him from a breeder in Missouri, so he was shipped all the way to California. From the moment my children and I received him, he had quite the personality. He wakes up every morning at 5:30am and lets everyone in the house know that he is hungry. He starts squealing to tell everyone to get up and feed him. Once he is fed, he goes out into the yard and digs, digs digs. The more dirt the happier he is. Pierre is extremely social and loves to be pet. In fact, as soon as you begin to pet him, he plops right now onto his side and goes into a trance if you pet his belly. Pierre loves to kiss too, if you lie down on the floor and pucker up, he comes running to give you a big kiss on the lips!

    We have taught him that before he gets his bowl of food, he has to sit patiently, which he does. He sits right down and doesn't move until his bowl is on the floor. He also does a trick that my daughter named "the Godzilla trick", if you kneel down on the floor and hold up a carrot, he will jump up onto his hind legs to grab the carrot. When we let him roam in the house, the first thing he does is run to see if the dogs food is on the floor, when he realizes its not, he starts grunting because he is mad, its really very funny.

    Pierre has a huge fan club. Because we live near the beach, there are not any other pot bellied pigs around, so when neighbors found out we had a pig, they thought they were hallucinating, but now people come from all over to pet Pierre's belly, he loves everyone, especially the kids! Not too many people boast about their pigs, but Pierre deserves it!

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