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August 25, 2004

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Milo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: Twenty months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Winter White Dwarf Hamster
Home: Singapore
   This is our dear Milo ... or Milololo as we coo in one of those hammy moments. This page is a tribute to the hamster who was named after a chocolate type of breakfast drink. He came to us in August of the year 2002 so we are guessing he's about near 24 months now.

    Yo from Hamsterville. I'm Milo, a Winter White Dwarf. I came to my humans when I was at my cutest - just a 2- or 3-week old ball of fluff.

    I used to have a temper. I would often screech and stomp in my litter when my food bowl was moved and didn't like that hand in my cage. Back then they were terrified of my fangs. My humans soon found that Carefresh wasn't for me because often they would put in too much and I could not be seen, except when I poked my nose out.

    I'm not fussy about my meals really. Right now my humans are a bit fussed up because I have become slim in my old age and they are trying to stuff me with cottage cheese (not that I am complaining) ... I'm quite good-natured now and I have often heard my pets boast that I'm the tamest of the lot.

    My only regret is that I will die celibate as I have never had a girlfriend. The ones above my cage squeak alarmingly when I'm raised to nose them. I guess they don't know a handsome guy when they see one!

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