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August 16, 2004

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Scout, the Pet of the Day
Name: Scout
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Lop Rabbit
Home: Carter County, Kentucky, USA
   Scout is special because he is smart and lovable. He is always happy to see you and loves being petted. His favorite foods are peanut butter rice cakes and pears. Scout is a very special guy. He is one of four bunnies we have and the most special of them all. He was rescued from a breeder who kept him and his brothers and sisters in a dirty crowded cage. Scout was the only one of our bunnies that was free, but the smiles and laughter he has given with his playful antics and constant affection are worth millions.

    Scout's most favorite human is my husband Jon, who is totally blind. Even though Jon cannot see, Scout they still play their favorite game of catch me if you can. The games always start with Scout sneaking up on Jon and pouncing into his lap then putting his front paws on Jon's chest. Next he bumps his nose to Jon's chin then he dashes off like a flash while looking over his shoulder to make sure Jon is in pursuit. Unfortunately for Scout his nails click on the tile and Jon always finds him! Jon says Scout is the best Christmas present he ever got. Whenever Scout wants petted he comes and sits on your feet. He really is a great little guy. Unfortunately for our dog, Scout's favorite tricks are picking on him constantly. He loves to scoot the dog off his bed, root him away from his food and most of all off Daddy's lap. Scout really is a treasure.

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