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August 1, 2004

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Arney, the Pet of the Day
Name: Arney
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: England, UK
   I have had Arney since I was born, my parents got him as a companion for an Macaw called Jasmine (now sadly deceased). He came from a pet shop where he was cruelly treated. He had to learn to trust humans. When Jasmine died, Arney adapted to being a lone parrot, we heard of a lady who had to many Macaws and needed to sell a few so she could give the others enough attention. So we bought Danni (a small female). They got on incredibly well and lived together for eight years. Just last year when we were on holiday, the person who was supposed to take care of them forgot. When we came back we found Danni had died from lack of food and water, we were mortified as it is the most tragic thing to of happened to my family. Arney had lasted eight days with no care. We stayed up with him all night that night and he survived. He has adapted to living on his own and taunts the cat and loves the dog with him on the picture. He has been such a traumatic ordeal of loosing his two partners, he has supported us and brought so much love he is just part of the family and is not really treated as a pet but part of the family.

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