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Arney the Blue & Gold Macaw Arney
Blue & Gold Macaw
England, UK
August 01, 2004

Foo Foo the Mini Lop Rabbit Foo Foo
Mini Lop Rabbit
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
August 02, 2004

Kami the Congo African Grey Kami
Congo African Grey
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
August 03, 2004

Hamlet the Guinea Pig Hamlet
Guinea Pig
New York, New York, USA
August 04, 2004

Lady the Walkaloosa Lady
August 05, 2004

Kaze the Sugar glider Kaze
Sugar glider
Akron, Ohio, USA
August 06, 2004

Leopold the Hamster Leopold
South Carolina, USA
August 07, 2004

Snickers the Abyssinian Snickers
San Diego, California, USA
August 08, 2004

Fritz the Sun Conure Fritz
Sun Conure
August 09, 2004

Thelmer the Mini lop Thelmer
Mini lop
Arlington, Texas, USA
August 10, 2004

Elvis Parsley the Guinea Pig Elvis Parsley
Guinea Pig
England, UK
August 11, 2004

Alex the Conure Alex
Houston, Texas, USA
August 12, 2004

Pookie the Cockatiel Pookie
August 13, 2004

Camper the Paso Fino Camper
Paso Fino
Wayland, Massachusetts, USA
August 14, 2004

Ginger, Fred the Lovebirds Ginger, Fred
Lisbon, Portugal
August 15, 2004

Scout the English Lop Rabbit Scout
English Lop Rabbit
Carter County, Kentucky, USA
August 16, 2004

Snowball the Silver hooded Rat Snowball
Silver hooded Rat
Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
August 17, 2004

Caliabra the Arabian Caliabra
Baldwyn, Mississippi, USA
August 18, 2004

Fluffy the Lop Rabbit Fluffy
Lop Rabbit
Mequon, Wisconsin, USA
August 19, 2004

Nibbles, Brownie the Guinea Pig Nibbles, Brownie
Guinea Pig
Saratoga County, New York, USA
August 20, 2004

Arnold the Lizard Arnold
Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA
August 21, 2004

Romeo the Budgie Romeo
Detroit, Michigan, USA
August 22, 2004

Taz the African Grey Taz
African Grey
Rupert, Idaho, USA
August 23, 2004

Topper the Lop Rabbit Topper
Lop Rabbit
England, UK
August 24, 2004

Milo the Dwarf Hamster Milo
Dwarf Hamster
August 25, 2004

Junior the Quarter Horse Junior
Quarter Horse
New Jersey, USA
August 26, 2004

Skittles the Peach Faced Lovebird Skittles
Peach Faced Lovebird
Copiague, New York, USA
August 27, 2004

Pierre the Pot Bellied pig Pierre
Pot Bellied pig
San Diego, California, USA
August 28, 2004

Pigwig the Guinea Pig Pigwig
Guinea Pig
August 29, 2004

Peep the Polish Rooster Peep
Polish Rooster
Waverly, Nebraska, USA
August 30, 2004

Sophie the Skunk Sophie
Loveland, Ohio, USA
August 31, 2004

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