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April 28, 2004

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Chubby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chubby
Age: Thirteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: USA
   Chubby is thirteen months old and given me so much joy. He is a very special boy because none of his littermates made it, but right from the start I knew there was something about him. He gives so much love and asks nothing in return. He loves to be with other piggies, he gets along with them all. He will look out for all the baby boys I put with him, he is so gentle. He is first out in the morning to greet me and I have 20 piggies! They are all special in their own way, but Chubby is extra special, I always go to him first, too. He has given me lovely baby and I hope there are more to come in the future, he has a Daughter and one day I hope he will Father a son just like him.

    All I really want to say is that I love him to bits.

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