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April 11, 2004

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Bunbun, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bunbun
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini-lop Rabbit
Home: Conover, North Carolina, USA
   This is my mini-lop named Bunbun. I received her as a birthday present when she was just two months old. Bunbun is the smartest bunny! She is completely litter-box trained - she never goes to the bathroom outside of her home. It only took a day to train her, and that was the day after I got her! She likes to play on the stairs. Bunbun loves it when I sit with her on the steps. Her favorite food is kale. When I go in the kitchen and shake the bag, Bunbun knows it's treat time. Sometimes she'll do her "bunny dance." She'll run around jumping up in the air doing little twists. It's the cutest thing! Bunbun knows her name too. I'll say her name or talk to her and she'll cock her head sideways almost like a dog. Once in a while I'll put her on her leash and walk her outside. She loves to run around in the grass. Bunbun is definitely the best pet I could ever have! I wouldn't give her up for anything.

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