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April 9, 2004

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Akai, the Pet of the Day
Name: Akai
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue hooded rat
Home: Texas, USA
   Akai is a very special little girl. I rescued her from a very small cage at a feed store that keeps the rats in horrible conditions where they are fed nothing but dog food. She had never been held in her life, and I had a difficult time of trying to get her to trust me. But she is a very sweet little girl now, and I take her just about everywhere with me. I have a "rat bag" (it's a fleece bag with black carrying strap) that I carry her around in, and have even brought her in to Wal-Mart with me!

    Akai loves to be scratched behind her ears, and get kisses on her little belly. Her favorite food is pizza. :) I have six other ratties, and I definitely think she is one of my favorites. Akai is smart and does know her name. I say "Come here Kai Kai," and she comes running. She gets along very well with one of my rats in particular, she loves my youngest neutered male. His name is Socrates (I call him Socky for short).

    I haven't really taught her any tricks besides coming when called yet. But so far, her favorite activities are hanging out in her hammock with Socky, chasing one of those jingle balls that are really for cats, and going places with me. She's very much a mommy's girl. :)

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