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September 27, 2003

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Aries, the Pet of the Day
Name: Aries
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Blazed Dumbo Fancy Rat
Home: Nova Scotia, Canada
   I am Aries third home. He was born at a not-so-great rat breeder's home, but as soon as he was old enough to go he was bought and then raised at a very loving breeder's house. That breeder then owned him for a couple months but was unable to breed him because of a respiratory problem. I was inquiring about a rat and since she couldn't breed him, offered him to me. I bought him as soon as I could.

    He is a very sweet rat. He loves to cuddle with you and also Loves to Play. He would rather be out and about with me than in his cage with the other rats. He means so much to me and is my favorite out of my eleven rats. He is so docile and gets along with everyone. He also has a very special bond with my dog. They love each other. They sometimes curl up and sleep together on my computer chair, they both groom each other and give each other kisses! Aries is special to everyone who meets him, not only because he is super adorable but also because he has such a great personality!

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