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September 19, 2003

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Squirmy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Squirmy
Age: One year and three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
   This is our adorable pet rat, Squirmy. She is true to her name because even though she likes being held and cuddled, she sure is squirmy; she wants to wiggle out of our hands to explore around! On the day we picked her at the pet store (because she was the cutest one there), she jumped right out of my hand and started running around the store. We have loved her since then! She is such a good rat; she never bites or fusses and is as cute n pretty as ever!

    My boyfriend and I share her so she is at his place half the time and mine the rest. We both spoil her with lots of treats and toys. We recently bought her a two-storied cage (upgrade from a single storied one!), which she seems to enjoy quite a bit. We have seen those hamster/rat leashes at the store and might try that so we can walk her a little longer but we aren't sure how successful we will be in training her to do that! She might start leading us instead and then we would be walking around in circles!! :)

    Rats make wonderful pets. They just have a bad reputation with people; I usually get horrified looks from people upon mention of a pet rat!! I used to have hamsters when I was younger but rats are even better. They are very clean, friendly, cuddly and intelligent animals. Our first rat was before Squirmy, and she was just as friendly and adorable! We sure love our Squirmy girl, and recommend rats to anyone looking for a great pet!!

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