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September 16, 2003

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Laney, the Pet of the Day
Name: Laney
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Veiled Chameleon
Home: Kentucky, USA
   Laney is a Veiled Chameleon. She is approximately five months old and we live in the Bluegrass state Kentucky in the good old United States. :). Laney is pretty special to me because I live in an apartment by myself and we aren't allowed to have animals such as dogs or cats but can have smaller animals that are in a cage. The first time I ever laid eyes on these beautiful creatures, I just had to have one. I have had Laney for about four months now and enjoy every minute of her company. She grew a little over two inches in the first two months I owned her, and she is so active and healthy.

    I read on websites and in magazines and books about reptiles that say chameleons do not like to be handled... but mine doesn't mind it one bit. Laney and I have even been known to take naps together - no joke. She must feel very comfortable around me 'cause she sleeps on me all the time when she is tired. I am a night owl and stay up late at times and sometimes keep Laney up past her bedtime but she doesn't ever seem to mind and will fall asleep clinging to my shirt.

    She is precious in every way. She even likes head and throat massages and closes her eyes in enjoyment. Also, she doesn't mind when I kiss her...which I do all the time 'cause I love her so much. I take Laney with me when I go to the pet store to get her crickets. She enjoys the chance to get out of the house and get some fresh air and I know the warm air does her good on days when the weather is nice. I've even taken her 'walking' with me to the park a time or two... and turned a few heads when people see me walking in the park with a chameleon on my shoulder!

    Laney is full of little surprises. She can have some sass when she wants to, but most of the time, she is just a little sweetheart. I love when I put Laney on the floor or on my bed or the couch and she changes colors and gets these awesome colorations and stripes, bold bands, and spots all over her. They say male chameleons are the colorful ones, but Laney don't look too bad herself. Most of the time, she does stay a solid pale green color. I love the way she walks...doing her little "Chameleon Dance routine" she just looks so cute with her tail sticking straight up in the air that i can't help but to laugh at her. Laney is a regular little acrobat as well. She can hang upside down by just her tail, which is almost pure muscle. She gets lots of exercise because I get her out of her cage several times a day. I think she enjoys my company as much as I enjoy hers!

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