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September 14, 2003

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Blackly, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blackly
Age: Deceased, Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian hamster
Home: Hungary
   Unfortunately my old friend, Blackly, died in January. He was four years old. It's an old age, because the average life span is just two to three years. Till that last week he was joyous, strong and healthy. He lived in a nice glass "house" with two floors. It was a daily work to jump upstairs for the food. His favorite food was the almond. In the evening he was waiting for the "excursion into my bedroom". After making some circles, he climbed my leg, than my back. He hated to be alone in the room.

    Two days after Christmas, the chocolate figures were on the floor. I left him alone for ten minutes. When I came back into the room a piece of chocolate was at the door. It was interesting, because the figures were standing in the other corner. He dragged it through the room and ate the majority of the chocolate, more exactly he held it in his cheeks. He liked to eat the booty in his house. He could build wonderful nest from hay, paper, shavings. He had a "premade-house", but he preferred the one he built and stored the feed in the other one. In my room there is a "mouse-house" with little mice and furniture. That was his favorite place to relax. Sometimes he would sit there for ten to twenty minutes. But he did chew the toys' head.

    In January we travelled abroad for ten days. When we came home he was dying. He was weak, he couldn't eat. I washed his mouth with moist cotton wool. He stayed with me in this bad shape four days. When he heard my voice he saw me. He couldn't leave me. The last day he died in his sleep. My friend is gone forever. I miss him very much! Now I have two new young hamsters, they are brothers. Before us there is a long way to become good friends! I will never forget Blackly!

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