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September 11, 2003

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Rene, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rene
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian, Black Bear mix
Home: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
   This is Rene, our hamster. He is a year and a half old and is energetic as a million hamsters at night. He loves to curl up and sleep with you during the daytime and is very, very gentle as he has never bitten anyone. He loves to explore our back yard and eat grass and dig in the dirt. We named him Rene, after Rene Lévesque the former premier of Quebec. Our relatives in Quebec joke that he is the only Separatist hamster in Ontario!

    Rene eats at the table with us at dinner and lunch time and will quietly wash when he is finished. He also likes to be petted behind the ears and stand very still in your hand. He also will eat out of your hand and his favorite foods are baby greens and yoghurt. Rene also has a very beautiful coat which he gets many compliments on when he makes new friends. He is charming and a very sweet hamster!

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