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September 1, 2003

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Brandon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Brandon
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Home: Saskatchewan, Canada
   Hello! My name is Brandon and I am an African Pygmy Hedgehog. I got my name because I was adopted in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. When I was new, I surprised my family by climbing on my house and jumping up and swinging on a cloth that was hanging from the top of my cage. Now I am five months old and live with my family in Saskatchewan. I am a good traveller and have been all over Western Canada!

    I love mealworms, grasshoppers (which I hunt down and catch myself!), and running all night long in my squeaky exercise wheel. I am very snugly and love napping all stretched out on someone's tummy. Even though I look all pokey I have a very soft tummy. I purr when I am happy and chirp when I want something. I also love to play outside in my back yard and run around on my tip-toes with a paper towel tube on my head! I love to burrow, explore, and especially climb but I like to take breaks from playing for cuddles with my family. I am getting used to my bath and just learning to swim but I love laying in a warm towel afterward. I have a very calm and friendly temperament and like meeting new people.

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