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Brandon the African Pygmy Hedgehog Brandon
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Saskatchewan, Canada
September 01, 2003

Corona the Eclectus parrot Corona
Eclectus parrot
Fairfield, Iowa, USA
September 02, 2003

Tinkerbell the Sheltie Guinea Pig Tinkerbell
Sheltie Guinea Pig
Kendalleville, Indiana, USA
September 03, 2003

Ethel the Lop Rabbit Ethel
Lop Rabbit
Stockbridge, Georgia, USA
September 04, 2003

Pixie the Cockatiel Pixie
South Australia, Australia
September 05, 2003

Triumph the Russian Dwarf Hamster Triumph
Russian Dwarf Hamster
Tucker, Georgia, USA
September 06, 2003

Nino the Dumbo hairless rat Nino
Dumbo hairless rat
Huntington, West Virginia, USA
September 07, 2003

Reggie the Chinchilla Reggie
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
September 08, 2003

Carter the French Lop Carter
French Lop
Austin, Texas, USA
September 09, 2003

Birdy the English Budgie Birdy
English Budgie
Bucksport, Maine, USA
September 10, 2003

Rene the Syrian, Black Bear Rene
Syrian, Black Bear
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
September 11, 2003

Mickey the Red eared slider Mickey
Red eared slider
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
September 12, 2003

Willow the Mini Lop Rabbit Willow
Mini Lop Rabbit
South Queensferry, Scotland
September 13, 2003

Blackly the Syrian hamster Blackly
Syrian hamster
September 14, 2003

Moe the Guinea Pig Moe
Guinea Pig
Gloversville, New York, USA
September 15, 2003

Laney the Veiled Chameleon Laney
Veiled Chameleon
Kentucky, USA
September 16, 2003

Bugsy the Dwarf Lop Bugsy
Dwarf Lop
Hillingdon, Middlesex, UK
September 17, 2003

Happy the Blue crowned Conure Happy
Blue crowned Conure
Hayward, California, USA
September 18, 2003

Squirmy the Fancy Rat Squirmy
Fancy Rat
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
September 19, 2003

Asher the Nubian, Pygmy Goat Asher
Nubian, Pygmy Goat
Acton, California, USA
September 20, 2003

Hagrid the American Crow Hagrid
American Crow
New Jersey, USA
September 21, 2003

Rocky the African Grey Rocky
African Grey
Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA
September 22, 2003

Cleo, Ebony the Clydesdale, Hackney mix Cleo, Ebony
Clydesdale, Hackney mix
Port Bay, New York, USA
September 23, 2003

Kayla the Lop Eared Rabbit Kayla
Lop Eared Rabbit
September 24, 2003

Buddy the Umbrella Cockatoo Buddy
Umbrella Cockatoo
Rockford, Michigan, USA
September 25, 2003

Spiro the Australian Bearded Dragon Spiro
Australian Bearded Dragon
Sheffield, England
September 26, 2003

Aries the Fancy Rat Aries
Fancy Rat
Nova Scotia, Canada
September 27, 2003

Riley the Belgian horse Riley
Belgian horse
Ontario, Canada
September 28, 2003

Midas the Fantail Goldfish Midas
Fantail Goldfish
Michigan, USA
September 29, 2003

Olive the Boer Goat Olive
Boer Goat
Sherman, Texas, USA
September 30, 2003

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