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October 29, 2003

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Felice, the Pet of the Day
Name: Felice
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Miniature Mediterranean donkey
Home: Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
   We adopted Felice on July 4, 2003 to keep my horse company after my older horse died. They have become inseparable friends, however, she also has become the favorite of the neighborhood. I have people who live in the area stop by just to meet Felice. She will do anything you ask of her. Right now we are working on teaching her to drive a cart and she also helps clean up the yard by pulling branches and small logs to the burn pile. She even lets us dress her up as a cowgirl for Halloween! She is definitely a special donkey. I'm sure this is mostly due to the love and care she received from her previous owners. Felice is a gem.

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