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October 23, 2003

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Angel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Angel
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf Lop Rabbit
Home: Greystanes, Sydney, NSW, Australia
   This is my very special bunny, Angel (in this picture she was twelve weeks old). My family and I were walking one very special day, when we came near a pet shop. We decided to go inside to have a look at all the animals and that's when I saw her. That little cute face of hers just made me fall in love with her. I begged my mum and dad, asking if we could buy her, and luckily answer was yes. So, here she is, a happy little bunny that's found a lovely home which spoils her very much.

    Angel sleeps in her hutch, outside, but every day we let her inside the house. She is a very entertainable bunny, jumping and doing flips all around the house, running back and forth down the corridor and walking on her two, hind legs. She is really curious so we had to remove a few cables, cords and turn some furniture around so she doesn't tangle or get stuck there. She just comes up and hops on my lap, waiting for me to pet her (She can stay still for quiet a while on my lap, without moving) and falls asleep there. Angel has lots of different types of faces she uses on us to tell her feelings. When she is naughty and we put her outside, she will give us her special "sad/begging" look for she wants to go back in the house. She also has her special "forgive me" face when she did something bad. Angel also has emotions for us. If I'm happy, she comes and plays with me and If I'm sad she comes and hops on my lap and licks the tears off my face. She will never let another animal in her territory. My friend once gave me a Guinea Pig and Angel was acting very stubborn and thumping her leg on the ground. One of her favourite habits is eating. She eats all day and always wants us to feed her lettice leaves, biscuits, apples, bread, alfalfa, etc. Her favourite game is Hide-And-Seek. Sometimes I have to look around the whole house to find her. She likes to dig a lot. One time she dug a hole from our garden to our neighbours' one and we had to chase her all morning. She may be a naughty, cheeky bunny but that doesn't stop me from loving her. She is the best pet I ever had and I hope she lives a long, healthy life.

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