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October 22, 2003

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Hyme, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hyme
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Peoria, Arizona, USA
   This is Hyme the Himalayan. Hyme is one of my many rodents and as a rat/mouse breeder I've had/have lots! Unlike most of my pets I rescued her from the feeder tank at a rather unpleasant pet store. The odd thing was the rest of the mice were albinos but she is a Himalayan! I'd wanted a mouse with that coloration for a very long time so I quickly bought her. I've never once since regretted my decision. She's the sweetest mouse I have ever had. From day one she's been perfectly calm and tame and never struggles when picked up. Not only that but she's a wonderful surrogate Mom and helps raise her cage mates litters. It's so cute watching her curl up with the babies and keep them warm or bring them treats when they are old enough to nibble. Needless to say her name is a play on her being a Himalayan. A few months ago she gave me a shock. I was playing with her when I noticed that she was breathing heavily, almost gasping for breath. It was far too late to run her to the vet so I hoped and prayed she'd live long enough for me to take her in the morning. When I woke up she was perfectly fine! She acted like her 'attack' from the night before hadn't happened and since then it has yet to repeat itself. She's a little chubby in the pictures but that was because she was forgoing the use of her wheel to take care of Sundae's (her cage mate) babies. That's one dedicated Mommy! One of her favorite babies is with her in the larger shot. Since the litter is all grown up and moved onto new homes she's gotten back into shape and is almost as svelte as when I got her. Hyme is easily my favorite mouse of all time and I'm sure she'll stay that way forever.

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