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October 19, 2003

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Earnhardt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Earnhardt
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Pigeon
Home: California, USA
   My dad was driving home from work one morning and accidently hit a bird, the bird went right into the grill of his truck. When he got home he got out of his car to see what happened and he found a live pigeon trying to fly away. He had to get a bar and pry it out of the grill. He put it in a cage since its wing had been broken and it couldn't fly. After a few months of feeding it in the cage, the wing looked like it had healed to he let it go. The pigeon never left the house, he would fly around from tree to tree and sleep in the garage when it was cold. He also became very good friends with the dogs, they had no problem with him. He just has to watch out for hawks who would fly around occasionally looking for the pigeon. My Dad grew attached to him and named him Earnhardt. He loves to perch on the radio and listen to the music as he is in the picture.

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