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October 13, 2003

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Elwood, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elwood
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-rex Rabbit
Home: Davenport, Iowa, USA
   Elwood P. Dowd came into our lives more than a year ago (July 30, 2002, to be exact). Linda is a guest on a local television show once a week, and that particular day when she was in the studio this little bunny -- who had only a number, not a name - was the humane society's Pet of the Week, along with a female Mastiff who obviously thought he would make a tasty snack. The dog and the bunny went on after her segment, but she couldn't stop looking at the bunny. She stuck around until the end of the show, and ended up taking the bunny home. On the way home, she named him Elwood P. Dowd. When he finally arrived in our kitchen and met Ollie, this bunny carefully nosed his way out of his carrier and into our hearts. We knew next to nothing about bunnies, so we consulted with our local veterinarian and the terrific people on Petbunny and Etherbun to learn all about our new family member.

    A year later, our family consists of the three of us. He does the Bunny 500 every morning and evening, and spends the evening cuddling and playing with us. We are continually amazed at how intelligent, loving and fun Elwood is. It is true that rabbits enjoy gentle, quiet homes, and they do require a certain "high maintenance" approach that includes bunny-proofing one's home and learning what kinds of foods are appropriate for them.

    We don't know his age or anything about his ancestry, only that we love him with all our hearts. He has become the light of our lives. He's smart, has a great sense of humor, and pretty much gets what he wants from his devoted slaves. He binkies ("dances") for us daily, and constantly begs for treats that we limit so that he will have a long, healthy life. We can't stress enough that, although rabbits are adorable, they're not necessarily the best companions for children -- bunnies do grow up, and require love and care. We are blessed to be able to give exactly that to Elwood.

    For every extra moment we've spent in creating a wonderful environment for Elwood, he has paid us back a thousand-fold. It is impossible to describe how he lights up every day for us. And there really are no words to describe how much we love him -- or how much he loves us.

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