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October 10, 2003

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Berby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Berby
Age: Three years, four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini lop Rabbit
Home: Quebec, Canada
   Berby is my furbaby! He is smart, sweet, active and so cute. He is my first bunny and he is a true teddybear. Although Berby is a domestic animal,he still owns a wild side. He doesn't appreciate too much when we hold him or pet him. My rabbit lives in the basement, in other words, he doesn't stay in a cage in the basement, he is free to hop, run, and play. He does his poop and pee in a litter box. Berby learned this when we were in Europe during a summer vacation. Before we had to leave, my family and I gave him to the neighbors to keep him while we were in Europe. Those neighbors had a cat kept inside their house, obviously a litter box was put down somewhere in their living room... so after a few minutes they have took Berby out of the cage to give him some freedom, during this time he was searching for a spot to do his poop or pee, suddenly he jumped into the cat's litter box, and hopefully he was relieved. I will never forget this one.

    One day we brought Berby outside on the patio, he didn't really like it, so he decided to get back inside, but the mosquito net was blocking his entry, poor bunny. He started to sniff the bottom of the mosquito net and... bingo! the smart bunny found a way to open it! Berby found a the bottom of the frame, where a little stud was inserted, so he grabbed it with his teeth and pulled it powerfully as he could and guess what? He did it! Isn't that amazing? So he ran merrily inside the house! Berby is bright and lovely - I love him so much. I even made website for him to prove my affection.

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