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October 8, 2003

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Signe, the Pet of the Day
Name: Signe
Age: Teo and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Sweden
   This is our pretty bird Signe, she's a cockatiel! Signe lives in Sweden with a pet of her own - she's adopted our small dog and she likes to clean his claws as often as she can! At first he was a bit scary to her, but now that she's shown that she's the queen of the castle, all is well. Just like her owners, Signe loves popcorn, and the boxes above all! She hasn't learned to talk yet but she can kiss on command and does it with a little "Quiwitt" of joy!

    Signe is a loner! Her favorite spot is on top of the kitchen door where she can see into all the rooms of the apartment - since she's the boss she has to make sure everything is to her liking!

    She loves to do the nose cuddle, she can sit for a looong time getting her neck rubbed gently. And every now and then she has to pick your skin and ears of course, to make sure you're spotless! She also loves corn (not just popcorn) and when she wants attention she'll throw them on the floor and then fly down and start picking them. Needless to say we have pellets and corn everywhere.

    When we're at work she loves to listen to cultural programs on the radio, her absolute favorite, though, (she can't stop shaking her head) is a weatherman on the radio that has a German accent! She's very cheeky (my mother-in-law says she's a bully, but that's not true) and won't hesitate to attempt to eat from your plate or mouth, so now we just set aside an extra plate for her with potatoes, pasta or cucumber. I used to be very afraid of birds, but we get along fabulously and I have to admit that our lives are so much brighter since she came! I can't imagine being without her!

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