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October 3, 2003

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Dexter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dexter
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
   This is the newest addition to our family. His name is Dexter (named after the cartoon). I fell in love with him when I first saw him. I thought his color was so unique. I didn't get him though. Later that day I was surprised by my boyfriend with him. I've not had him very long. When he first got here he would slide on our hardwood floors. I noticed he likes to bathe a lot, as you can see in the smaller photo, and keeps himself well-groomed. We're potty training him as if he's a cat and walking him on a lease as if he's a dog. He follows my year-and-a-half-old son around and it just cracks him up. He loves his little rabbit treats. I look forward to bringing him along with us when we travel. He lives with a frog, three turtles and a bearded dragon, as well as his adoring humans!

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